I have been very fortunate to have been in a number of publications this year.  If you would like to read the articles then please click on each logo.  If you think my work may be suitable for your own publication then please email me.  

Artist and writer, Julie and Mark Weir discuss how they swapped bricks and mortar for life on the water.

The Sunday People did a 2 page spread of my artwork in their Love Sunday supliment. To view click page 1 and page 2

I'm a Professional Associate of the SAA and I can thoughly recommend becoming a member.  Included in your membership is an amazing shop for supplies with free postage, insurance, SAA paint magazine, competitions, website page and lots more.  For a free gift when joining please enter code JL10046.  To view the article of my artwork, please click the logo.

The lovely Helen Gilbert wrote a large article for her Blog post.  Please click her logo to view the article.

Somerset and Bath live had a lovely article about us living on our boat.  To view please click their logo.