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  1. Well 2018 was certainly a busy year and already we are well into the new year and already this year is looking to be even busier.  The weather is changing here on the canal.  We have got a cold spell coming in and this evening when out for our dog walk the grass crunched under foot.

    I spent this evening doing a live radio interview for Talk Radio Europe, which was lots of fun and this weekend sees an article with my paintings in the Sunday People Newspaper suppliment 'Love Sundays', I can't wait to see it, I hope they will be kind.

    I have been busy painting lots of new works this month for my Solo exhibition at The Court Street Gallery, Court Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8BD which starts with a preview evening on Friday 25th January 2019 7pm - 9pm and then continuing Saturday 26th January - Saturday 9th March.  I hope some of you will join me for a nice glass of wine on Friday evening.

    I have booked all of my workshops at Trowbridge and Chichester for the whole of 2019, which you can find on the workshop page.  I love running these workshops, it is wonderful to see how everyone has made such huge progress with their artwork and how each has their very own distinctive style.

    I am in the process of booking in my shows for the year and will be looking forward to trying some new events.

    Happy painting everyone.




  2. Well it has been a very busy week on the boat this week.  I am painting 5 commissions whilst being very distracted by the Kingfisher racing past the boat window, and just when I get the camera out he has gone.  

    Just getting things ready for tomorrow's course at Court Street Gallery in Trowbridge, painting pet portraits.  But at the same time trying to get all of my new paintings ready for the Weald and Downland Christmas Market in Singleton, West Sussex on Friday 23rd November - Sunday 25th November 10.30 am - 4 pm. 

    We also moved the boat to fill up the tank with water but at 2 miles per hour it took 2 and a half hours to do so.  But the weather was good and the waters calm and still,  what more could you want but a couple of hours enjoying the Wiltshire countryside.

    When we got back I did a telephone interview with Bath Live, I will let you know when that is published.